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Zagreb motifs, seaside motifs, prints, oils, combined techniques, pastels, watercolors...

Stickers, drawing-booklets, illustrations, amblems...


Different factors influence the creation of graphic design products. Some of the most important ones are market competition that is growing larger and stronger, buyers that are getting more choosy and demanding, and the change of the way of life and lifestyle. In shops, a multitude of different products „fight“ for the attention of potential buyers. That is one of the main reasons why designers, when creating a graphic design product have to understand the essence of the product, weather its a wrapping, a cover or the content of a book, brochure, catalogue, poster, packaging or any other graphic design product. It is important that a designer knows the materials and printing techniques and how they relate. It is necessary that he/she also understands the psychology of the buyers before he starts the work.

t-shirt stickers







Drawing booklets Lipa mill


Poster design, diplomas

stickers, amblems

Design packaging Zvecevo, Marjan voce, Santos kava, Unija

illustrations, greetings



►  Graphic design and illustrations 1  - Friday, January 23, 2009
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