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To turn the appearance of the city and the everyday urban life into a painter’s story is the aspiration of Gordan Kolarić, who finds the inspiration for his paintings in Zagreb vistas. The richness of invention exists, the irrefutable talent, the needed enthusiasm also, and so it is logical that even the earliest work satisfies the rules and artistic correctness.
Having found his motivation, having elaborated it in the junction of the offered fact and the significant measure of the interpretative, Kolarić respects the classical esthetics of the painting, both in the organization and in the measured color, giving the scene a note of his own view.
Attempting to reduce his work inside a determinant of style, Kolarić is nearest to poetic realism, an expression that binds both descriptiveness of the objects and the mood of the ambient.
Kolarić paints Zagreb. Not only its attractiveness, but also the emotional connectedness to it.
He brings characteristic situations of the urbane, but avoids the overly done painting of the postcards.
Monuments have a special place in his paintings, but they do not dominate in them. He searches for scenes of his own experience, iconography of the city that is especially close to him.
Years of living in Ilica street has given Kolarić a chance to grow intimate with the city’s main artery. Events happening in this street, in a symbolic sense, are similar to events in one’s own backyard. Trams are toys of childhood and are almost unavoidably present in every painting. They are a part of city’s pulse, just like the crowds in streets and squares. Because of the dynamics of the city, the incessant moving of the vehicles and people, Kolarić chooses compositions of emphatic deepness, alignment of layouts, finding the rhythm of the facades, with a few accents, focal points in the set of the city’s scene. Giving vitality to the painting surface through a harmony of colors, of the relatively reduced palette. Using chromatic unity and nurture of the chosen color values, he connects all fragments of the surface in one entirety, through a blink of light force lines. Intensified color in some of his work is connected with tonal shifts. So is the disciplined painter’s stroke connected with a gesture of a certain expressionistic turmoil.
In any case Kolarić has recognized a special beauty of the city, giving it a gift of a painting in which the city hasn’t lost anything of its authenticity, and he himself lost nothing of his painter’s identity.
In chamber formats, Kolarić has attained a representative character, giving a new dimension to the familiar objects. With an interesting approach to painting. Works created in a concentrate of time. And then, in giving himself to the act, in the security and freshness of approach, Zagreb rises in all of its irresistible attractiveness.
Prof. Stanko Špoljarić

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